About the author


Charles M. Kelly holds a Ph.D. in industrial communications from Purdue University. He has taught courses in communication, ethics, and management at Syracuse University, Cal State Universities at Long Beach and San Diego, SUNY at Plattsburgh, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerceís Institutes of Management. He has conducted conferences and seminars for numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Too often, well-financed propagandists are able to influence voter beliefs and attitudes in ways that have more impact than the voterís own experiences. By framing arguments in ways that capitalize on public prejudices, and loading words and concepts with meanings that distort reality, they can convince people to vote even against their own best interests.

Chuck Kelly has been a subscriber to The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, Barron's and Business Week for over 30 years. His communication background gives him the skills to analyze the differences between reality as it exists, and reality as it has been defined by apologists for America's wealthy and powerful.

His Farewell Fantasyland is intented to define reality as it actually exists, in as simple, inexpensive, and direct a way as possible.

This is a new website devoted specifically to the Farewell Fantasyland book and its issues. If you wish to understand the thirty years that led up to this book, check out Chuck's old website, In Defense of Democratic Capitalism. You'll find his past books, op-eds and essays about controversial political and economic issues.

You'll also find that you can download Chuck's last three books, in their entirety, free from Google.